A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It is another yume nikki clone/fangame. 

But that aside, it's certainly quite the thing.

Our good man, Reshnha, has been trapped in a world of dreams via an unknown force, and now he must escape by finding all the songs, strewn across a land composed of a pastiche of his own thoughts, memories and actions. 

Many things await him. He may think he is ready, but is he, really?


Cerasus Version Seed.zip 131 MB
Cerasus Version Seed (Mac).zip 257 MB
Cerasus Version Seed(Linux).zip 166 MB

Development log


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This game has some really great art and visuals like the water having your reflection and the water-level. There are also some interesting images that pop up. I think I need a more linear game right now.

Good job on the game!

really good!! the maps are great and I became attached to reshnha, don't ask me why he is just endearing. I'm not sure if it's an MV problem, but I had some issues with buggy controls. reshna's speed is also quite high which is hard to get used to. still, I enjoyed this game a lot and look forward to any future developments!

In my humble opinion, this is the BEST entry to this year's DDJ. This game is p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l. The style and mood is outrageous and absurd and lovable. I went in expecting nothing and stumbled instead upon a hidden treasure trove. Thank you so much!

...That being said, there's something very familiar about this that I can't put my finger on. I've certainly never played anything like this before in terms of YNFGs. Like, I got a very weird feeling of deja vu when I saw Resh in his Suit for the first time. I swear I've seen a protagonist like him before. (That's not possible. That thing was a work in progress last I knew and I'm pretty sure the creator was a different person...?)

I mean, maybe it's Reshnha's overall design. If you know, you know ;9

I think this has the best art I've seen in the jam. It's really cool, and if it weren't for the fact that it's 1:30 am and my brain is turning into sausage, I'd probably be playing more of this.

Possible bug: The very first time I ran the executable I played for about ten minutes. During that time, when I'd open my inventory, I didn't always see the icons for effects. Once I ran the program again, though, I didn't run into that issue. Video games, amirite??

I blame the way MV runs or loads images. Even with a preloader, there is a good chance the images won't load the first time. So, as much as I'd love to do it otherwise that's not gonna happen, at least in the current time.