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It had all been a wonderful little day in Dolorport, in where our good ol' blue robotic grinny man, Mr. Hallow, was enjoying his time in his mansion. But... Oh boy, oh nice, he got a package! Here he hoped it would be something from a friend of his.

Then the package exploded on his face. The letter wasn't very nice, either. And now...

He wants to cut the one responsible for this in neat chunks with his chainsaw.


Take control of this madman known as Mr. Hallow, traversing through different scenarios in all of the region in order to discover the culprit (and cause pain and maybe more than a few missing limbs around)!

Battle enemies by yourself, changing up your main attack mid-fight in order to get the advantage in this jrpg! After all, you'll be outnumbered quite a lot!

Equip different chips for movesets and passives and try to mix and match to proceed your way through this whole situation! Some chipsets will bring you a good combo with some attacks!

Have a look around! Maybe you'll find something nice like a blackboard eraser or two, as well as enjoy this sick, aggressively weird world that contains magical cat people, drunk arthropods that spit fire, corporate executive beanpole robots and more!

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