Candycane Ruins [Part Rats]

We're the rats

This week's report is mostly about the enemies I've added to the game. They're your typical low level goons for now, so let's meet them.


Slirats are a type of Slime Animal (Slimal) that have the behaviors of your typical rodent, with the added stickiness and scrappiness. Because of their inhabiting habits, they have a particular chance for mutations (such as growing extra faces). Despite this they pose no much more threat than your typical rat. However, some chubbier ones have figured out how to roll to attack, so watch out!


Amaranlegs are odd creatures, distant cousins of the Quadrizoom, and more inclined to protect. Against someone with a chainsaw, they have no choice but to boost others' Might and Guard in an attempt to get them to destroy their enemy. If this thing's alone though, game over for them!


This creature is an odd one. It uses its old-school face to lure in kids and unsuspecting adults in other to drain their essence and in turn grow. The more health it has, the bigger its legs. Why would it want to have such big legs, well, I don't know, it's anyone's guess. Because of its essence draining abilities, it certainly is dangerous.

Enemies aside, here's what else I did:

I added the boxes. Destroy them for items by simply interacting with them! Ain't that nifty?

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